Supersize UK Counties Map

UK Counties Wall Map Supersize

UK Counties Wall Map Supersize
UK Counties Wall Planning Map Supersize

The recently published 2013 edition of the Counties map reflects the administrative changes that came into effect in April 2009. This map shows all the County, District and Unitary Authority boundaries within the United Kingdom. The divisions of each County into its local District Council areas are clearly shown. Each administrative area is shown in a different colour to its neighbours, making it easy to decipher where the boundaries lie. The map base shows motorways and primary roads (with more detailed roads on the London inset) and features seven types of town/city “stamps” based on population ranging from 2,000 to 1,000,000+ inhabitants.

Size: 120 x 174 cm (47 x 68 inches). Scale 1:440 000 (7 miles to 1 inch)

Inset is a smaller map showing all of the Postcode Area boundaries within the UK, with a list of these Areas giving their main postal towns. The inset map of London outlines the Borough boundary information. Also inset is a map of the whole of Ireland (Northern Ireland is also shown in full scale on the main map) with all County boundaries for the Republic. Population figures for all the regions shown on the map are given based on information supplied by the Local Government Commission and up-to-date as of 2010.



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