South America: Southern Travel Refer. Map

South America: Southern Travel Map

South America: Southern Travel Map

South America: Southern Travel Map

Scale: 1:2,600,000

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This double sided map of the southern part of the continent covers the territory roughly south of the Antofagasta (Chile) - Sao Paulo (Brazil) line.

The map has altitude colouring to show the topography and spot elevations.

Legend locates international, and provincial boundaries; settlements from major cities to smaller settlements; roads from paved highways to seasonal roads/tracks; paths; railways; ferries; mines and prospecting areas; rivers, canals, wells, lakes, glaciers, and other hydrography; active volcanoes; mountains and passes; lowlands; protected areas; ruins and other points of interest; reserves and national parks; lighthouses.

Includes a comprehensive index of place names as well as short information on the history of the European discovery of the continent and descriptions of regions and highlights.

List of protected areas. Scale 1:2,600,000. Inset map of Isla Robinson Crusoe 1:100,000.


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