Skopelos Map - Orama - 1:30,000

Skopelos Map by Orama - 1:30,000
Orama Map of Skopelos

Map scale 1:30,000

Includes inset town map of Skopelos Town

This is a Road, Tourist, Hiking Map of the Greek island of Skopelos

Contour lines indicate the terrain.

Symbols mark archaeological sites, churches and monasteries, campsites, beaches, etc.

Place names are in both Greek and Latin script, multilingual legend includes English, 'hard' cover.

The map has a 1km UTM grid plus latitude and longitude margin ticks at 1’ intervals.

Also provided is a basic street plan of Skopelos Town with names of main street only but with locations of various facilities including selected hotels, etc.

Map legend that the text about the island include English.


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