Saudi Arabia Travel Reference map

Saudi Arabia & Kuwait Travel Map

Saudi Arabia & Kuwait Travel Map

Saudi Arabia & Kuwait Travel Map

Saudi Arabia Map Scale: 1:1,750,000

Kuwait Map Scale: 1:390,000

Double sided map

When folded out the map measures about 99 x 65cm


Kuwait, its immediate neighbour to the north is included as a very large inset, with a separate inset of Kuwait City. Central Riyadh is also included as an inset map, showing mosques, hotels, banks, and shopping areas.

Includes a placename Index

Legend Includes:

Roads by classification, Railways, Capitals, International Airports, Domestic Airports, Border crossings, Railway stations, Pedestrian overpasses, Bus terminals, Heli-pads, Hotels, Notable buildings, Police stations, Banks, Post offices, Embassies, Shopping centers, Hospitals, Libraries, Schools, Universities, Car parks, Car rental agencies, Gas station, Sea Ports, Lighthouses, Forts, Caves, Historical sites, Museums, Mosques, Lighthouses, Oil terminals, Oil fields, Coral, Sand, Swamp, Volcanoes, Points of interest, World Heritage Sites, Stadiums, Golf courses, Zoos, Live theatres and cinemas, Souks, Playing fields, Statues and much more...


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