Paxos & Anti Paxosi - Anavasi Topo Map - 1:17,000

Paxos & AntiPaxosi - Anavasi Topo Map - 1:17,000

Paxos & Anti Paxos - Anavasi Topo Map - 1:17,000

Map Scale 1:17,000

A Topographical Map of the Islands of Paxos & Anti Paxos from Greek publisher Anavasi.

GPS Compatible and includes Long and Lat at 1' intervals with crosshairs on the map and numerals around the edge of the map.

This Hiking Map includes Roads Tracks and footpaths, including climbing sections.

Printed on Waterproof, Rip proof Plastic Paper

Contours at 20m intervals and spot height. The map also shows shading to enhance the topography of the island

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