Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium
Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium
Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium
Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium
Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium

Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium

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Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium
Ordnance Survey AddressBase Premium

Containing approximately 40 million records, AddressBase Premium is the most
comprehensive address dataset of all. It enables you to plan future infrastructure services
more effectively, such as the capacity of new sewers or telecommunications links, by showing
you where new homes or offices are going to be built.

Since it includes historical addresses, you can spot fraud immediately if somebody tries, for
instance, to insure or to claim to reside at a property that no longer exists.

And because it also includes alternative addresses (for example, the owners of 6 Acacia
Avenue call their house Hillcrest), you can ensure customer satisfaction by using the
alternative property name in correspondence whilst avoiding duplicate records within your
own data.

Benefits and key features

  • Benefit from the most comprehensive view of the world of addresses throughout the
    property lifecycle – from planning permission, through construction, occupation, change
    of use to demolition and beyond.

  • Enable your front-line staff to look up addresses – querying a database of millions –
    quickly and accurately.

  • Undertake risk analysis down to the level of individual addresses to spot patterns
    hidden in your data.

  • Understand the type of property at each address to which Royal Mail delivers mail.

Main Features of this Product

The URPN is contained within all AddressBase products. This unique identifier is
allocated by the Local Authorities and has been used in their systems for over 10 years.
The URPN stays with an address for its lifecycle and is never re-used; it is used by
Government, Regulators and other commercial customers.

The product follows the life cycle of a PAF record. If a record is inserted, updated
or deleted in PAF these changes are reflected in AddressBase. Similarly if the record
is deleted by a Local Authority custodian the record is removed from the product.

The data is provided in a flat file structure making it easy to upload and analyse.

There is also a primary level of classification which allows users to easily differentiate
between residential and commercial dwellings



Key features

What this product offers


Comma Separated Value (CSV) and GML 3.2.1

Data structure:



Pre-build addresses; historic addresses; alternative addresses; OS Topography and ITN TOIDs and the associated alternative record; objects without postal addresses; addresses with multiple occupants; ocal authority BS7666 addresses; Royal Mail postal addresses, where matched to a UPRN; coordinates for each address.


1:1250 to 1:10 000.

Update frequency:

Six-weekly refresh (known as Epoch)


Email or FTP


Great Britain – or you may define your own area of interest

To Order;

Please email your requirements to,


To download some sample data please use this link to the Ordnance Survey Website

If you need more than this entry-level location dataset can provide, we offer
two more powerful versions, AddressBase Plus and AddressBase Premium.



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