Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Ref. map

Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Map

Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Map

Newfoundland & Labrador Travel Map

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Double-sided map of Newfoundland and Labrador Provinces at 1:800,000 and 1:1,300,000 respectively, part of a series of maps of Canadian provinces from the Vancouver-based ITMB, with topography presented by altitude colouring rather than by relief shading.

Road and rail networks are shown on a clear base with numerous national or regional parks and wildlife reserves prominently marked. The Trans Canada Trail is prominently indicated; symbols highlight various places of interest, sport and recreational facilities, etc. National, provincial and time zone boundaries are displayed. The map has a latitude and longitude grid at intervals of 1º and an index of localities. Historical information is given on the outer edges of the map, with a small box showing the timeline of the provinces, dating back to the 11th century.

Also included are plans of Conception bay South and St. John’s, indicating one-way streets, points of interest, and various facilities.


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