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IGN Top 75 - 010 Mercantour at 1:75,000

IGN Top 75 - 010 Mercantour at 1:75,000
IGN Top 75 - 010 Mercantour at 1:75,000
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IGN Top 75 - 010 Mercantour at 1:75,000

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Map Details

IGN Top 75 maps cover just selected tourist regions of the France.

GPS compatible with contours and at a scale of 1:75,000. The maps depict local and long-distance hiking paths, cycling routes and sites for other recreational activities.

Each title includes five inset maps at 1:25,000 that cover its most popular areas in greater detail.

The mapping of area of the map at 1:75,000 and is an enlargement of the mapping used in the IGN’s 1:100,000 series. Contours are at 40m intervals and have relief shading. Colouring shows different types of vegetation (woods, vineyards/orchards etc). The maps highlight long-distance GR hiking routes and cycling trails. Boundaries of national parks and other protected areas are marked.

The maps have a UTM grid and an index of communes.

Map legend includes English.

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