IGN 137 - Besanon Montbeliard
IGN 137 - Besanon Montbeliard
IGN 137 - Besanon Montbeliard
IGN 137 - Besanon Montbeliard
IGN 137 - Besanon Montbeliard

IGN 137 - Besancon Montbeliard Haut Doubs

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IGN 137 - Besancon Montbeliard Haut Doubs

IGN 137 - Besancon Montbeliard  Haut Doubs

This map is from IGN's new Top 100 range.

IGN are currently updating this series of mapping (you will see there is a new and old style of front cover). We always have the latest edition in stock to you can be assured it is the latest edition that we will send to you.

If you would like any help or advise please call Jonathan on 01432 266322

The mapping is at a scale of 1:100 000 (1cm=1Km) and is ideal for touring a region by car motorcycle or bicycle, can even be used by walking enthusiasts.

The map legend includes English

These road maps of France are used by millions of locals and tourists alike, this series provides an excellent balance between coverage of a sufficiently wide area and detailed road presentation, plus topographic information not found on other road maps.

These maps are now based on IGN’s digital data that is used to produce the country’s topographic survey at more detailed scales. The presentation has been sharpened to make small local roads stand out better.

For GPS Users the maps have a 5-km UTM grid, plus a latitude and longitude grid at 15’ intervals.

Contour intervals vary according to the terrain, from 10m along the coast to 40m in the mountainous areas. The contours are enhanced by relief shading.

Colouring shows different types of vegetation or land use eg woods, vineyards, orchards.

The series includes plenty of tourist information.

For walkers the maps have an overprint highlighting long-distance footpaths, the GR routes
There are numerous symbols used on these maps to mark various places of interest, sport and recreational facilities, mountain refuges, gites d’etape, etc.

Additional topographic information shown on these maps are peaks, glaciers, passes, names of mountain ranges and other geographical features, railways with stations, funiculars, ski and chair lifts, administrative boundaries, etc.


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