Corfu Map by Orama - 1:65,000

Corfu Map by Orama - 1:65,000
Orama Map of Corfu Island

Map scale 1:65,000

Map Publisher: Orama

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Corfu with Paxos at 1:65,000 on a road map from the Greek publishers Orama with a street plan of Corfu/Kerkyra Town, notes on the island’s resorts, beaches and other places of interest, an extensive list of tourist accommodation, etc.

On one side is a map of Corfu, Paxos and Antipaxos, with the nearby islands of Mathraki, Othoni and Erikoussa on an inset. All place names are shown in both Greek and Latin alphabet. The map shows the islands’ road network, indicating dirt roads and distances on main routes. Topography is presented by altitude colouring. Numerous places of interest are highlighted, including campsites, archaeological sites, natural features, etc. The map shows which beaches have the Blue Flag rating and provides brief descriptions of several others.

Also marked are ferry connections and on the mainland around Igoumenitsa campsites, beaches and various places of interest.

The map has a UTM grid, plus latitude and longitude crosshairs at 5’ intervals.

On the reverse is an indexed street plan of Corfu Town indicating main traffic routes plus various facilities and places of interest. Names of smaller streets are in the Greek alphabet only.

The map also includes an extensive list of hotels and family accommodation with phone numbers, plus bilingual notes on the sights and recommended walks in Corfu Town, the island’s beaches and resorts, etc.

Map legend and the text include English.


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