Afghanistan Country map Gizi 1:2,000,000

China North West Gizi 1:2,000,000

China North West Gizi 1:2,000,000

China North West Gizi 1:2,000,000

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North-Western China from Gizi Map with attractive presentation of the country's varied topography. Bold altitude colouring, with spot heights and names of mountain ranges and other geographical features, provides an excellent picture of the terrain.

The map shows various categories of roads including selected tracks, with intermediate driving distances marked on many routes. Railways, shipping and ferry lines, and local airports are also shown. Province boundaries are indicated and national parks are highlighted. Symbols marks landmarks and features such as tombs, monasteries, churches, temples, ruins, UNESCO sites including the Great Wall, and other places of interest.

Names of main towns are also given in Chinese script and within Tibet alternative versions are provided.

Latitude and longitude lines are drawn at 1° intervals. Each title has an index on the reverse.

Multilingual legend includes English.
The Sinkiang (Xinjiang) Autonomous Region. The map extends from the Russian and Mongolian borders to the edge of Tibet, and westwards to Lake Balqash in Kazakhstan, beyond Gilgit on the Karakoram Highway, and to Srinagar in India, including the disputed Aksay Chin region. An inset shows a street plan of Ürümchi, highlighting accommodation and places of interest.


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