Australia Travel Reference map

Australia Travel Reference Map

Australia Travel Reference Map

Australia Travel Reference Map

Map Scale: 1:3,600,000

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A double-sided, indexed map of Australia printed on light, waterproof and tear-resistant plastic paper, with large, clear street plans of central Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

showing selected hotels and places of interest.

Elevation colouring, in feet, shows the topography, with peak height given on both feet and metres.

Names of various mountain ranges, deserts and other geographical features are also provided, and aboriginal lands and selected national parks are marked.

The map is best used as an overview of Australia's network of main highways, annotated where appropriate with their names, plus selected connecting roads and outback tracks.

Driving distances are shown on main routes. Railways lines are included and local airports are marked. A range of symbols indicate various places of interest.

The map has latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 2° and a separate index for each side.


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