Alonissos - Terrain Maps - 1:25,000

Terrain Maps Alonissos - 1:25,000

Terrain Maps Alonissos - 1:25,000

Scale 1:25,000
Map Publisher: Terrain Editions
Delivery: 2 to 10 days (UK)


Alonissos on a light, waterproof and tear-resistant, contoured and GPS compatible map at 1:25,000 from Terrain Editions with extensive tourist information. Coverage includes the nearby islands of Peristera (Ksero), Lechousa, Mikro and Meghalo Adhelphi, with Kyra Panaghia shown as an inset.

On the reverse is a street plan of Patitiri at 1:5,500, descriptions of 16 specially selected hiking trails, plus general information about the island. All place names are shown in both Greek and Latin alphabet.

Topography is well presented by contours at 20m intervals, enhanced by spot heights, subtle relief shading and additional altitude colouring.

Road network is very clearly graded according to width and the type of surface, distinguishing between good and rough dirt roads. Distances are marked on most small local roads, as well as locations of petrol stations and/or tyre repair workshops; scenic routes are highlighted.

Hiking paths are graded as main or narrow trails. National parks and other protected areas are marked and a wide range of symbols indicate various places of interest and recreational facilities, with main sights clearly highlighted.

The maps have a UTM grid, plus latitude and longitude margin ticks.

Map legend and all the text include English.


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