513 Normandy
513 Normandy
513 Normandy
513 Normandy
513 Normandy

513 Normandy - Michelin Regional Map

Michelin Regional Map 513 Normandy

Map scale 1:200,000 (3 miles to the inch approx)

City map - Rouen, Caen

At 1:200,000 in a map series of double-sided touring maps from Michelin. The map includes city centre street plans indicating principal traffic arteries, one way streets and places of interest, with selected streets named.

The map shows the road network in great detail, indicating width and the number of lanes, motorway services and rest areas, dangerous or restricted entry roads, steep gradients, height and weight restrictions, etc.

Scenic sections are highlighted and the maps also show selected cycle paths and nature trails.

Railway lines are shown with stations and local airports are marked.

Satellite-derived base mapping with colouring for the forested areas and boundaries of national and regional parks showing the topography.

In the mountainous regions the maps have bold, very effective relief shading, with a large number of names of peaks, passes, and other topographic features.

The maps have latitude and longitude lines at 10’ intervals and are indexed.

Map legend includes English.


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